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Poland, express lane

Eurovia Polska constructs 14 km of express lane between Varsovie and Gdansk

In November of 2008, the group led by Eurovia Polska, includingWarbud (VINCI Construction), began reconstruction work on Route 7 to transform it into a express lane. The teams constructed a 2 x 3, 14 km long section between the cities of Elbag and Kalsk, in order to connect Warsaw, the capital, with Gdansk, a port city in the north of the country. Signed with Poland's General Direction of National Roads and Motorways - the main authority in the roadway infrastructure sector - this contract is one of the largest awarded to Eurovia in the country. This new section of the S7 express lane will be inaugurated in 2011, 31 months following the start of construction, and will provide a safe and rapid link between northern and southern Poland, especially during the summer period, when road traffic becomes quite dense.
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