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Drivers will soon be using the new Jamné bypass near Jihlava

Work on the engineering project II/353 D1 – Rytířsko – Jamné, Project 2, is nearing completion. This project concerned the relaying of Road II/353, which serves as a bypass for Jamné in the Vysočina Region, in the north-east part of the Jihlava District. The route of the new road leads from the south-west to the north-east, bypassing the municipality from the north. It has been designed for the future infrastructure development needs of this location. Due to environmental concerns, the route was modified to avoid protected areas. Attention was also paid to minimising annexation of forest land. The project included the construction of a 1.8 km-long and 3.5 m-wide two-lane road, one bridge, relaying of the local road and country lane network, installation of anti-noise barriers, rehabilitation of the surroundings of the construction project, construction of storm sewers along the entire length of the route and modification of the river bed in certain locations. A technical specialty of the project is the sophisticated system in place for draining the road using monolithic CUBR-King canals that lead the water to sewer inlets by the road. The runoff then passes through the sewerage system to the storage basin via an OWS (oil-water separator).
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