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urban-development projects in two cities

In recent months, Eurovia SK has delivered several urban-development projects, notably in eastern and central Slovakia. These projects were carried out thanks to European funds available through the urban modernization program, which is designed to upgrade regional infrastructure. As a result, on May 18, with the President of the Slovak parliament in attendance, Liberty Square in Humenné was inaugurated. This was a nine-month project for Eurovia SK, which included 11,150 m² of stone-paving, 1,415 m² of asphalt paving, bicycle paths totalling 862 m, various networks, and green spaces. A similar project was conducted in Brezno by Eurovia SK's Zvolen division. As part of the project, upgrades were made to General M.R. Stefanik Square, roadways, green spaces, and various networks.
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