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Slovakia: Start of Excavation Work for a Tunnel on the D3

As part of the construction of the D3 in Northern Slovakia, a contract won by Eurovia CS in 2014, excavation has begun on Slovakia’s Považský Chlmec Tunnel on Highway D3. Once built, the tunnel—a 2.2-km divided highway—will ease traffic along the I/11 and I/18 routes. Bypassing the city of Žilina (northwestern Slovakia) will improve north-south traffic flow. Moreover, this new section will reduce noise and pollution in residential neighbourhoods. The project also involves two bridges, including one of of them being a complex work: the boom above the Hričovská Dam. The new section will connect the existing road network via the interchanges at Strážov and Brodno. Before the work began, a traditional ceremony was held: the dedication of a statuette of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of workers and engineers involved in underground work. The work will be spread over 1,095 days.
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