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Slovaquie R1

Eurovia CS completes a section of the R1 fast lane

A 10 km stretch of the R1 fast lane, linking Zarnovica and Sásovské Podhradie, was opened in November, 2009, four months ahead of schedule. Completed by the consortium led by Eurovia CS for the Société nationale slovaque des autoroutes, this project included 5.9 km of noise-abatement walls, 11 bridges, four revetment walls and two interchanges. More than 490,000 m3 of backfill material and close to 15 km of conduit were used. The value of the work: approximately ?50M. Another section of the R1 (between Nitra and Bánská Bystrica, including a Bánská Bystrica northern bypass route) will soon be opened within the framework of Slovakia's first PPP. Construction of this project is done by Granvia Construction, a subsidiary of Eurovia CS.
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