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Road construction and maintenance

Roads, highways, streets, and avenues – but also airport platforms, industrial platforms, car parks. Roadwork (both construction and maintenance) has always been Eurovia’s core business.

Urban development

Today, over 50% of the world’s population live in cities. In South America, that figure is 84%; in North America, 82%; and in Europe, 73%. That is why urban infrastructure must be designed so as to optimize safety and comfort for users and local residents and quality of life for all.

Building light-rail transit systems

Since the re-emergence of light-rail transit (LRT) systems, Eurovia’s 20 or so past and current LRT projects since 2000 have helped to make the Company, through its subsidiary ETF, the leader in this sector.

Building and maintaining railways

Railway infrastructure represents a promising worldwide market. This is particularly so in France where the government’s environment round-table has forecast the construction of 2,000 km of new high-speed lines.

Carrying out civil engineering mandates

In most countries where Eurovia is present, the Company fulfills civil engineering mandates and builds engineering structures, which are are integral part of global infrastructure projects and contracts. Eurovia also applies sealants and waterproof coatings, and provides comprehensive solutions, from construction to implementation of the wearing course.

Making transportation infrastructure safe

The world’s roads stretch for an estimated 69 million kilometres. The European Union has the world’s second most extensive road network, after the United States, with over 5.5 million kilometres. The quality of the roadway, the asphalt pavement, and related equipment all contribute to safe roads for all users, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Building lasting infrastructure

Save our resources by reducing our consumption of materials and energy, limit pollution… Eurovia is committed to building and upgrade infrastructure through increasingly environmentally friendly technologies in response to the increasingly stringent requirements of local residents, users, and clients who demand sustainable development solutions. That is why the Company provides custom solutions that favour recycling and minimize nuisances.

Installing road equipment

Thanks to its subsidiaries specializing in hortizontal and vertical road signs and road equipment (noise-attenuation barriers, transferable dividers, etc.), Eurovia offers expert roadwork solutions.

Materials and products

Through our specialized subsidiaries, we provide the following products and equipment and implement them.


Production and sale of aggregates

After water and air, aggregates are the raw material consumed most often. They are extracted from alluvial sandpits and gravel pits, on land or at sea, and are produced by crushing limestone and igneous rock or through the recycling of materials.

Refurbish and recycle

The refurbishing and recycling of demolition and industrial by-products provides two key benefits in terms of sustainable development: (1) a substantial decrease in waste matter for storage and disposal; and (2) the preservation of natural resources.

Production of road equipment

Signature, Eurovia’s subsidiary specializing in road signs, has four innovative and high-performance production sites. They produce all of the road signs and panels that Signature installs and also paint for road surface marking.



Global infrastructure management

Public-private partnership projects, outsourcing public services… The range of global infrastructure management mandates (including their financial component) that public sector authorities can entrust to private companies is very broad. Eurovia’s expertise places the Company among the leaders in its ability to deliver pinpoint solutions to market and project needs.

Infrastructure design and construction

Through its comprehensive know-how in the delivery of successful urban development and infrastructure projects, Eurovia is able to provide clients with the benefits of effective consulting, design, coordination, and project monitoring on all projects the Company undertakes, from light-rail transit systems to development schemes on the periphery of urban areas to highway construction and upgrade.

Product and process offering

Thanks to its extensive network of industrial facilities and specialized subsidiaries, Eurovia provides a complete range of products and equipment, as follows. Contact the Eurovia entity nearest you and let us how we can meet your product and equipment-related needs.

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