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Refurbish and recycle

The refurbishing and recycling of demolition and industrial by-products provides two key benefits in terms of sustainable development: (1) a substantial decrease in waste matter for storage and disposal; and (2) the preservation of natural resources.

Eurovia is responsive to these objectives and strives to meet its stakeholders' needs with respect to environmental protection; accordingly, over the years, we have developed strong expertise in this area. Today, we have 150 sites and facilities devoted to the refurbishing and recycling of materials from demolition activities and by-products from industrial processes and subsequent production of recycled aggregates. In all, 8.5 million tonnes of materials were refurbished or recycled in 2012.

Our key products: Recycan® , Recyclovia , Recyvia® , Scorvia®
Our specialists: Cardem , DLB
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