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Our 45,000 employees throughout the world benefit from a managerial policy that strives to provide them with stimulating long-term career plans.

Intégration et suivi

Our HR policy

Eurovia has signed up to the VINCI Group “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct”, which forms the foundation for the culture of every entity within the Group. We also support the “VINCI Manifesto”, which seeks to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunity.
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Be yourself!

At VINCI, you'll have many opportunities to express your creativity, your curiosity, your boldness, your ambition, your commitment.
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Too ambitious?

At VINCI, those who want to go far can put their tenacity in the service of ambitious projects. Ellen enjoys working with us.
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Too curious?

At VINCI, those who always want to know more and are thirsty for knowledge can put their open minds in the service of exciting projects. Marc enjoys working with us.
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Too committed?

At VINCI, those who want to, can get involved in projects that benefit others and share that commitment every day with like-minded colleagues.

Enhancing our talent

Through its cross-disciplinary training programmes, the Eurovia Academy helps to develop a shared culture throughout the Group, built around key priorities such as health and safety at work. The country academies develop courses specific to their business lines, materials and local regulations. In France, Eurovia invests 4% of the total payroll in employee training.

Promotion de la diversité

Training and promoting diversity

Training represents a major priority and acts as a driver of social mobility within the company across all professions. Effectively integrated from their first day at Eurovia, employees continue to receive support throughout their career with the company.
Dév des collaborateurs

Our training policy

We have set up a number of campuses in the countries in which we operate. Eurovia is the only company in the industry to have two campuses in France.
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