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Promotion de la diversité

Training and promoting diversity

Training represents a major priority and acts as a driver of social mobility within the company across all professions. Effectively integrated from their first day at Eurovia, employees continue to receive support throughout their career with the company.

In addition, each country implements specific training programmes, such as country-wide training in Canada and courses leading to qualifications in France, the Czech Republic and the UK, for example. In all, over 700,000 hours of training were provided throughout the world in 2018. 

Our HR teams work with a number of schools and employment bodies prior to recruiting to develop courses that enable people to obtain qualifications and boost the integration of people that have the skills the company requires. Strategic workforce planning helps to anticipate upcoming changes in the profession and identify the company’s short- and medium-term needs in terms of expertise. 

We help to enhance the employability of people struggling to find work, in particular young people with no qualifications and the long-term unemployed.

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